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Making you the best YOU

Whether you are a personal client or a corporate business, it's the first impression you give that influences your future. At You. Image Consultancy, I can help you to ensure that your first impression is the right one. My approach is down-to-earth, relaxed and definitely fun.

Combining experience and training in the fashion and style industry with a true passion for what I do, I endeavour to provide a service that is relevant, affordable and friendly. Your time with me will be both enjoyable and hugely informative, and you will leave with the confidence to be the best YOU, right now.


“Never knew wearing the best colours to match my complexion could make such a difference, wow! What a revelation, just loving my new colour wallet and the compliments I am getting, now I am wearing the correct makeup colours.”

Ali Cornwell
“Love what Deb has shown me about colour and fabrics , absolutely love shopping now – so easy and so quick now I know what really suits me and my body shape. I got great tips too for making a great first impression at important business presentations.”

Tina Constable
“After having a baby you can lose focus on yourself a bit, a session with Debbie really helped boost my confidence and got me back on track with looking good and looking my best even whilst running round after the kids!”

Bev Macphee
“Thank you for helping me identify the full rich colours that really complement my complexion. I definitely feel more confident about shopping for my size and shape. Changing my make-up colours made a huge difference, it made me look and feel younger and fresher faced.”

Michelle Denny Browne
“The wardrobe makeover is a must for any one like me who likes to hoard things and finds it hard to throw things away. I was definitely one of those wearing 20% of my wardrobe 80% of the time. Now my wardrobe is organised, colour coordinated and with a capsule wardrobe for work it means I have one less thing to think about in the mornings, ahead of my very busy schedule.”

Dr Lisa King
“Thank you for all your ongoing support. I am a changed woman and shopping is so easy now. The best thing is, I don't have that awful wardrobe dilemma every morning before work, I know exactly which outfits work for each occasion and I know I look good in each one - everyone has seen a big difference in me and I am gets lots of compliments when I am out and about.”

Ade Atekoja
“As a bloke you often think what you wear and how you look just isn't important but as you climb the corporate ladder you soon realise how important it really can be and I am grateful to Deborah for showing me how to make sure I make the best first impression and maintain my personal brand.”

Daren Turner

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