Definitely not. You do not need to get undressed and I do not take measurements. I work with you and your shape to find a style that suits you and shows off your best features.

No, I do not use measuring tapes or take measurements. We look at proportions, body lines and scale to create the best looks for you. Most people have at least 3 different clothes sizes in their wardrobe and since shops do not have any standard sizing guide, measurements can be of little use.

Creating your best look is not about strict rules and no go’s. We look at the very best colours that will suit your own natural colour characteristics and those colours will become your go to colours for looking younger and radiant. Each consultation is unique and personal to you and if you love a particular colour we will look at ways it can work for you.

Of course not. We look at the best colours and styles and cuts and fabric that will make you look your very best. Once you know what looks good on you, we work with your existing wardrobe to create looks that mean you can look your best.

Absolutely not. Every consultation is individual and unique to each client. No two people ever have the same style personality, lifestyle, complexion, body shape and personal brand. Being unique and being yourself are core principles of my business.