What YOU Say

here are some words from my happy clients

Annabelle WebsterAs a treat to myself I booked a wardrobe session with Deborah, I had met Deborah a few times before and apart from her stunning dress sense I just enjoyed being wither her! Fun, positive and such a generous personality.

I wasn’t disappointed – the time spent was really enjoyable and the outcome ? My morning clothes choice and subsequent result look has improved 100% no longer a mismatch of looks – now a focussed choice with great results. Even my husband noticed . . . .

I now have a smaller choice – but they all match as we have “weeded” out the unattractive, bad buys, too small, wrong colour, incorrect patterns from my extensive wardrobe now left with items that I can only fee GOOD in.

Happy Happy Happy . . . . .

Annabelle Webster

AM Marketing FINAL 2 - CopyThere are some things you just cannot ‘get’ from an online guide. What’s my body shape? What colours suit me? Why do I look hideous in orange? We’ve all seen pictures of ourselves and thought ‘what on earth?!’ but I had never really understood why, until I had my session with Deborah. She explained my colour pallet and showed me how different colours brought out the best (and worst) in my complexion. I finally know what body shape I am, and more importantly, how to dress it. It was a really eye opening experience and one that has resulted in a number of great clothing purchases. I feel more in control of my personal brand and now take my colour guide out with me whenever I go shopping. Thanks Deborah.

Amy McManus - AM Marketing

MainHeadshot1230x1844-200x300As an entrepreneur, woman or not, we know we need to look the part because first impressions count, but dressing for business when youre a woman is very rarely about donning a power suit; in business, as in life, women wear many hatsand need to be able to seamlessly and confidently morph between, them whilst still maintaining our personal corporate identity.

This was never more true than when I was asked to speak at a very prestigious womens awards dinner; I knew I wanted to look the part – successful, confident but also comfortable being me despite the grandeur of the event.  As a clinical hypnotherapist it is vital I walk my talk and, as I become more well known in my business community, my personal branding becomes ever more important.

And thats where I consider myself very, very lucky indeed, because I have a secret weapon to help me gracefully negotiate creating and maintaining that brand.  I had found the dressbut I wanted to know if I could, with my slightly less than model body, wear it with confidence to feel comfortable and, yes Ill say it, beautiful.

I sent Deborah a picture of the dress, asking if I could get away with it and her answer came back loud and clear – Yes!  She helped me feel confident to buy it and how to wear it for maximum impact, including the vital foundation wear.  Im so grateful for her help.

On the night I felt fabulous and received so many compliments.  Whats important about that is it enabled me to deliver my speech in front of 200 beautifully dressed women and men (very glam they were too!), with confidence, poise and conviction.  It allowed me to walk my talk in every sense.

What Deborah does masterfully is help you step into that image and make it yours – you always wear the clothes, they never wear you.  In this multi media world it is no longer enough to be good at what you do, you need to embody it, your message and your brand.  I would recommend anyone who knows they need to step into a new or updated brand they can feel comfortable and confident in, You Image Consultancy and Deborah Turner should be your trusted partner.

Ali Hollands

Deborah Turner from You Image Consultancy delivered a workshop on personal branding to the team. The goal was to understand the teams’ perception of the company brand against their own personal brand. The workshop was interactive and as a team we were able to discuss the do’s a don’ts of image and personal branding. Deborah was friendly, approachable and warm.

Rebecca Robertson – Financial Planning for Women

We asked Deborah to help us prepare for photography for our new website – the website was a major investment for us and we were keen that it conveyed the personality of our practice. Deborah took the time to really understand what we were trying to achieve and that we aren’t boring accountants! She delivered a clear message to our team collectively and her enthusiasm helped ensure everyone was on-board with how important the process was to us. Deborah had one-on-one colour analysis sessions with our partners and managers and helped to devise an overarching colour palate for our photography – when it came to photo day everyone felt prepared, confident and relaxed! We were really pleased with the outcome and grateful to Deborah for her role in helping us to achieve it.

Nick Paterno - Managing Partner McBrides Accountants LLP

Before meeting with You Image I was stuck in a rut, my life, body shape and size have changed dramatically in the last four years and I was still in the mind set of my former self. Deborah is clearly knowledgeable and passionate about what she does and transfers this to her clients perfectly to create a feeling of excitement and intrigue. I now have so many thoughts and ideas to put in to practice when I shop, that I am not sure where to start, but I am looking forward to the opportunity to implement my new shopping experience as soon as possible. I can say, even without starting the shopping, that I am already feeling more confident in the way I look and the way I will look once my new wardrobe is completed.I would recommend everyone to give image consultancy a try, it really does make you think twice about the way you see yourself.

Staff member of Blue Rocket Accounting

I met Deborah with my work colleagues as part of a change to our corporate image. Although we all generally dressed smartly, it was not a cohesive look. Deborah has changed all that; we all have smart work clothes and I have outfits I would not normally have even tried on, but that look and feel great. We also looked at our colours and shape; it is great to know how to make the best of yourself and amazing the difference that the right or wrong colour can make. Deborah has made me feel more confident and positive about myself. Shopping will never be the same – I will now be looking only for the colours and shapes that flatter me. Deborah is easy to get on with and knowledgeable about how to make the most of you. You will be surprised how differently you will regard yourself (in a good way) after time spent with Deborah.

Staff member of Blue Rocket Accounting

LouiseI had a fantastic style session with Deborah and it was a really productive day. She is very thorough and I found her advice to be incredibly informative and helpful. She has a lovely, friendly personality which instantly makes you feel comfortable.

I am more than happy and extremely confident to recommend Deborah and You Image Consultancy

Louise Pepper

John StapletonI have vast experience where it comes to branding products but when it comes to myself I was not sure where best to start. I know I needed to make a memorable first impression and so wanted professional advice to make sure I got that correct and did not undermine my credibility.

Working with Deborah of You Image Consultancy was enlightening and fun. I discovered how to look professional and yet project my individuality. I didn’t realise how making small changes can have such a huge impact on my personal brand. Seeing the difference, the right colours for my skin tone can make to my appearance was brilliant and being shown what to avoid and why is definitely going to save time and money.

I got to understand how to represent my personality, strengths and expertise consistently in the way that I look, sound and behave and how to ensure that I always look the best version of me and make the very best first impression the second I meet someone. Knowing what to wear, when, why and how will undoubtedly save me time, money and effort.

I would recommend Deborah without hesitation. From the initial meeting to the final session she was professional, fun, enthusiastic and reassuring. Deborah completely put me at ease and made me feel special from start to finish of the consultation.

John Stapleton

carole_anne_procterDebbie came to my house armed with black sacks. She pretty much emptied my bursting-at-the-seams wardrobe onto my bed and we went through each item deciding whether to charity bag it, give it to a friend, ditch it completely or pop it back in the wardrobe. Not just an interesting insight into colours and clothes, but a truly practical approach which I can go on to apply both my professional and personal life.

Carole Anne Procter

keith_owenDeb showed me the colours that work best against my skin tone and thankfully they were most of the colours I liked already. She then showed me the effect that colours that didn’t match my skin tone had on my skin. I didn’t think that colours could really affect your look that much but they really do. Got some great tips too about how you can have a more formal or more relaxed look just by using different colours.

Keith Owen