Time to declutter? Declutter your wardrobe

Is your wardrobe full to bursting point? It might be time for you to declutter.  Wanting to declutter your wardrobe, but not sure how – check out my free style eBook.

Summer Style Tip 8 summer Style tips

Summer Style Tip #8: Our feet swell in the summer. Make sure you try on those sandals before you buy. you may need a larger size than normal. 

Avoid a Cluttered Wardrobe

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1st Impressions Analysis Image Consultancy

Want an honest opinion on what your online profile says about you – check out my 1st impression analysis.

Capsule Wardrobe capsule wardrobe

A Capsule Wardrobe can remove the dilemma from your morning of what to wear. If you ever stare into you wardrobe without a clue what to wear that day or if you More →

Summer Style Tip 6 Summer Style tips

Summer Style Tip: Wear ‘Your’ white for a polished, cool and professional look. 

5 ways to dress to impress at work

Dressing for work can be hard. Depending on your job what you are expected to dress like can vary wildly. You wouldn’t expect a graphic designer and a lawyer to dress the More →