5 Top Tips to Look Taller & Slimmer


I know that not everyone does want to look taller or slimmer but it is the most popular request from my clients, so for those of you that do, here are 5 easy ways you can:

1. Wear heels

The easiest way to look taller is of course to add height by wearing heels but I know this is not always practical. Heels do not always of course need to vertiginous, although they are of course my personal favourite! Wedges or platforms serve the purpose just as well to create the illusion of height. I am not just talking about women either. Men can add height too with hidden heels, try this site http://www.secretshoes.co.uk/. Known to be popular with some actors…..

2. Wear the same colour top to toe

This could be a dress or suit or separates but the key is to avoid a break in colour or pattern. Horizontal lines on the body force the eye to move sideways across the body and thus create width. To look taller and slimmer you want to avoid horizontal breaks. Wearing different coloured tops and bottoms mean you are creating a break and thus adding width. Wearing the same colour top and bottom eliminates the break and thus lengthens the torso. Dresses are an easy way for women to wear continuous colour.

3. Choose the best colour

Dark colours absorb the light so are less eye catching. Lighter brighter colours reflect the light and thus stand out more. Dark colours do not mean restricting yourself to Black. The misconception that only black is slimming is prevalent. It really doesn’t have to be just black. In fact black can be very ageing on some and can create shadows on the neck and face which can in itself make you look larger. Try navy or grey or charcoal or burgundy or forest green or chocolate brown etc. Plain dark dress

4. Use accessories carefully

Avoid belts on dresses if you want to create the illusion of length. Ties on men create a vertical line which can help add length but take care with the colour and pattern of the tie. In the same way women can use scarves and jewellery to add vertical lines to create length but again bear in mind length of neck, shape face, scale and colours.

Bags can add extra bulk if carried on the shoulder so something to consider.

Shoes should be the same colour as the trousers or tights if wearing them. If not flesh colours shoes are a great option for adding length when wearing dresses and skirts.

5. Walk tall

We were all told I am sure at school or by parents to stand up straight. It is true thought that an improvement in height is noticed if you do stand and walk tall. So shoulders back, neck long, imagine you are being pulled upwards on a string attached to the top of your head.