LinkedIn Profile

  Your LikedIn Profile is like your CV. Make sure yours is presenting you in the right way. 

Capsule Wardrobe capsule wardrobe

A Capsule Wardrobe can remove the dilemma from your morning of what to wear. If you ever stare into you wardrobe without a clue what to wear that day or if you More →

What to wear for work.

In today’s busy fast moving world, having spare time feels like a luxury. Many complain they are time poor and do not get enough time to spend doing the things they love. More →

Top Tips for wearing lipstick.

When should you wear it? If we listen to research, we should definitely be wearing it if we want to earn more and climb the career ladder faster! However, that just isn’t More →

I want what she was wearing.

I often receive requests from clients to please find them a dress or outfit similar to one they have seen a celebrity or VIP wearing. Of course proviso is that it needs More →

Is your personal brand consistent?

People get confused when I talk about consistency of brand and credibility gaps when it isn’t consistent. This morning on BBC Breakfast I saw an example of undermining a brand and thought More →