Top Tips for wearing lipstick.


When should you wear it?

If we listen to research, we should definitely be wearing it if we want to earn more and climb the career ladder faster! However, that just isn’t the case for everyone and although statistics can support the research it is still ultimately more about YOU than conforming to what we are told should be the case.

Does wearing lipstick make you feel great? If so, then yay! wear it always. If you know you are not feeling on tip top form one morning, adding so

me happy vibrant lipstick may raise your mood and get through the day.

Like the rest of your wardrobe, use lipstick to work for you! It is all about feeling and looking good.

So if you do love a bit of lippy……. trying to resist each seasons new colour or new finish isn’t always easy. We are bombarded with tempting new products, new colours, new ingredients, new brands all of the time. Trying to stick to just a few ‘go to’ colours can therefore prove tricky for some.

Knowing which lipstick to wear when is easier though if you limit the choice. What works for me is to opt for three   key colours per season (Summer and Winter). I always have a bright, fun, vibrant one for making me feel happy, girly and energised. I have a subtle more muted soft shade for when I do not want my makeup to be the first thing people notice about me and then lastly I have strong bold colour which can be great for nights out or more serious business meetings. Remember too you can mix and blend any of the three and add a gloss too for a different sheen if you want it.

When selecting your three base colours for Summer or Winter bear in mind your skin tone first and foremost. If you have pink/blue rosy undertones to your complexion stick with cool reds, pinks and purples. If you have a warmer peaches and cream undertone, opt for warm reds, oranges, peaches and browns.

The most important point to bear in mind is that your lipstick like every part of your attire should be appropriate for the occasion and of course some lipstick colours may not be appropriate for a business setting, but as ever that will depend on your business and industry.

If you are new to lipstick, then Clinique Chubby Sticks and the now many similar products (I love Rimmel Lasting Finish Colour Rush Balm) are the easiest and most simple ways to wear and apply lipstick so if you are nervous about what to try these may be a great place to start. Lipstick now really does come in every shape size and colour so I would encourage you to try a few out, have a bit of fun and you never know you may find you really do get a promotion, a pay rise or a new client!