Confused by dress codes?

Worried about what to wear to your red carpet occasion? What is too overdressed or too underdressed for these occasions? These days, pretty much anything goes. However how often do you have More →

Getting you red carpet ready

I think I had my most reluctant client to date, this week. I say that because what I heard was: ” I hate shopping” ” I don’t care about this stuff” ” More →

How many wardrobes do you have?

Whilst I would be intrigued to know how many actual physical pieces of furniture you have to keep all your clothes this is not what this blog post is targeting really! It More →

5 Common Style Mistakes

Occasionally we all struggle with what to wear which can be frustrating. Regardless of your struggle, try not to make these 5 common mistakes. 1. Not dressing for your shape. Being aware More →

Why do women wear black?

Black is everyone’s default colour is seems After a long weekend away with the girls, when much of the hotel room was strewn with black clothing, I started to ask the girls More →

Your Style Journey

Your style journey must start with knowing your style personality. Looking great must start with being confident with your look, which means being comfortable and relaxed in your clothes. Trying to imitate More →

Think you have a wardrobe dilemma?

    For most people their wardrobe dilemma is about what to wear for which occasion. I was lucky enough to interview the lovely Rosie Slosek from One Man Band Accounting More →