5 Common Style Mistakes


Occasionally we all struggle with what to wear which can be frustrating. Regardless of your struggle, try not to make these 5 common mistakes.

1. Not dressing for your shape.

Being aware of your body shape, bodylines, scale and proportions mean you can more easily select the right clothes to best flatter you.

If you have assets you love and want to show off ,then dress your assets with colour, pattern, embellishment and detailing. If you have areas which you like less and do not wish to draw attention to, then use darker fabrics on these areas and avoid colour and pattern on those areas.

If you have curves you need fabrics that are soft and drapey or include lycra. Trying to put curves into straight, structured fabric can result in you being uncomfortable, wearing a size larger than you require or worse still, the fabric puckering, pulling and creasing.

Equally, putting too much drapey fabric on straighter figures can result in them looking swamped and poorly styled.

Wearing accessories that are either too large or too small for your frame can result in a mismatched look. Always try and match your accessories to your size e.g. polka dots look great on a petite frame but can make a 5’8″ frame look larger.

2. Not dressing for the weather.

As reluctant as we maybe to accept that summer is over and winter is here sometimes you have to embrace the seasons when it comes to your wardrobe. Being cold can affect your body language and give off the wrong message as you try and keep warm. Being aware of your own body temperature will allow you to dress appropriately for the weather and not to end up fidgeting continuously if cold or sweating profusely if too warm. Planning your outfit helps with combating weather so maybe taking an umbrella with you or an extra layer in case of cold weather or indeed being able to take a layer off if the temperature increases.

3. Not dressing for the occasion.

We have all been to that party or a meeting and turned up and felt too over or too underdressed. It can really knock your confidence and make you feel on edge for the rest of the day. So again planning is key. If you are attending an event with a dress code make you fully consider what that dress code is and how you will dress your style for it. If you are attending a meeting with a new client it is worth understanding their level of style formality and think how you can match your own personal brand to their brand so that you both feel comfortable.

4. Not dressing for the culture

If you travel, be aware of the dress codes of your destination country. There will be some places that require certain levels of dress and areas to be covered. Even in the UK, certain hotels and restaurants require you to wear quite formal dress for dinner and entertaining. Always plan ahead, understand what is required and make sure you have something that is appropriate for the setting.

5. Not dressing for YOU

The worst style mistake is not being true to yourself. When you know your own complexion, mood, shape, personality and lifestyle you know what works for you. Trying to imitate others’ looks 100%, may result in disappointment. We all know that no two people are identical in every respect, so what looks great on one person will not necessarily look as good on you. By trying to imitate others we often reduce ourselves to feeling inferior which is a complete no no. Be confident with what works well for you as an individual and you be always look your very best.

Key to looking good and being the best you, is knowing yourself and dressing appropriately.