Colour psychology

What is your favourite colour? So we all heard in the playground as kids but you do give much though these days to what is your favourite colour? We all have positive More →

5 Common Style Mistakes

Occasionally we all struggle with what to wear which can be frustrating. Regardless of your struggle, try not to make these 5 common mistakes. 1. Not dressing for your shape. Being aware More →

Why do women wear black?

Black is everyone’s default colour is seems After a long weekend away with the girls, when much of the hotel room was strewn with black clothing, I started to ask the girls More →

Your Style Journey

Your style journey must start with knowing your style personality. Looking great must start with being confident with your look, which means being comfortable and relaxed in your clothes. Trying to imitate More →

Introduction to Colour Course

New Year New You – Confidence with Colour? You Image Consultancy with Pro Health invite you to a Colour Taster Workshop   Wearing the right colours to match your natural characteristics help More →