Colour psychology


What is your favourite colour?

So we all heard in the playground as kids but you do give much though these days to what is your favourite colour?

We all have positive and negative associations with colour. So as important as colour is in branding and promoting your own wellbeing, personal preference, experiences, upbringing and cultural differences, alter the effect that colours have on us.

I was with a client only yesterday who looked incredible in a particular shade of blue but because her mum was a nurse and she had always seen her mum in a blue uniform when she was growing up, she associated that blue with a work uniform and so despite looking great in the colour and it perfectly matching her natural colour characteristics, she really couldn’t bring herself to wear it.

Another common attachment clients have to wearing certain colours is to do with their school uniform. If they liked school they still the colour if they didn’t do as well at school they now shy away from the school colour.

I know myself I have an aversion to a particular colour because I wore a not so flattering bridesmaid dress in the colour as a child.

We all do it and colour is powerful and so will affect your mood. Choosing to wear the right colour for a day when you may have a challenging meeting can really help lift you and get you starting the day ready to face the challenge full on.

It is about choosing the right colour for you and about how you wear it. Wear it with a smile!!