Why do women wear black?


Black is everyone’s default colour is seems

After a long weekend away with the girls, when much of the hotel room was strewn with black clothing, I started to ask the girls why they had opted for so much black when I know how incredible they look in other colours. The girls wanted to dress up and look special and had brought a selection of little black dresses. Whilst they looked great I know they can look awesome when they wear the best colours to suit their natural colourings. So why the black?

Is Black Slimming?

First and foremost in their minds and for many women, is that black is slimming. Whilst there is no denying black can be slimming if in the right shape and fabric for you, but more importantly any dark colour is slimming, it doesn’t have to be black. Dark colours absorb the light and thus are slimming, it doesn’t have to be black. In fact, black can make you look fuller in the face if your natural colour characteristics are not bright, dark and cool. This is due the shadow that black can give you under the chin, giving the appearance of a double chin, if it overpowers your complexion. Something to be aware of ladies when selecting black up close to the face.

Everyone looks good in black, don’t they?

Black can in fact be extremely ageing. It can drain the colour from your face so you look less radiant. It can make your complexion look uneven, which is ageing on your skin. It can cast shadows which will not be flattering. It can make your skin tone look dull and tired. We tend to not take too much notice what effect a colour has on our face and so you may not have noticed previously the effect wearing black has on your complexion. Wearing the best colours to suit your skin tone can make your skin look fresh, radiant and younger.

Everything comes in black!

Frustratingly this is indeed true. There is more choice of black items but that is because there is more demand for black. If we bought less black and purchased more colours, more coloured garments would be produced and less black, it is that never ending circle. However, there is still plenty of colour available, but it may take a little more effort to find, but when you do… wow! How amazing does it look? How many compliments do you get? For a little more effort you get huge returns.

It is easy to wear black.

If your wardrobe is predominantly black of course it is easy. Is ‘easy’ always good though? It is predictable and can be regarded as safe. Making a great first impression involves thought and preparation. Go for the wow factor, not for ‘easy’, you are with it! You never know who you may meet! If black monopolises your wardrobe, add a pop of colour with some accessories. http://www.topshop.com/en/tsuk/product/bags-accessories-1702216/scarves-465/sheepskin-stole-by-marquesalmeida-x-topshop-3417415?bi=1&ps=20

pink stole

Be The Best You

Even if black suits your skin tone, wearing colour can be so much more empowering. Colour makes you look and feel good. It can reflect your mood and personality. Wearing colour will get you noticed, make you memorable and you will certainly receive more compliments. In a sea of black you will stand out in a room if you opt for a colour that makes you look the best version of you.

Be confident with colour, be yourself, be the best you!

  • Sarah Arrow

    Deborah, what colour would you recommend for an older woman (me) with fair skin? I\’m a fan of black but am aware that it can leech the colour out of me!

    • Deborah Turner

      It really does depend on whether you have warm (peaches & cream) or cool (bluey/pink) undertones to your skin. All colours have warm/cool shades and equally, soft/bright hues and it is the combination of all the factors that determine the best colours. Do you look best in gold or silver jewellery as a rule?

  • Sherry

    Great blog. I used to find it difficult to find clothes that fit and sometimes end up buying black by default or because I like the style. I find it easier now to buy nice size 8 clothes than when I was a skinny size 6. I was just a skinny person, not because I was on a diet or had eating problems. I only filled out a bit more when I had children. I do love to wear bright strong colours.

  • Deborah Turner

    Bright colours can really boost your mood but equally can be just fun to wear. They can take a formal outfit to a more contemporary look really easily. I love that you are embracing colour and are loving doing it!

  • Haseena

    Hi! Just came across this. I agree about how fun it can be to wear colors.
    The trouble with colors though is that you need to have many more dresses of different colors than if you were to stick with black, no? One gets too self-conscious to be found wearing the same colored dress again and again, but that isn’t a big worry with black…

    How can you wear more colors and look different each time without going outrageous with the shopping bill?

    • Deborah Turner

      You can make colour dresses look different by wearing with different jewellery, shoes, bag, scarf or by adding a jacket, shrug etc. Another change of look is different hair style if you can wear it up or different lipstick can alter a look. However, it is likely that you are more conscious about wearing the same dress on more than one occasion that others actually are. I add my outfits to my calendar so I know what I have worn when and with whom but even when i wear the same dress over again, no one ever says ‘oh you wore that last time’.

  • Robyn

    My entire wardrobe is black or grey. I want color but am never sure what to do with it once I buy it. I feel like I’m screaming “look at me” when I wear color. Wearing black I can blend in. Sounds crazy now that I’ve actually written it down! 🙂

    • Deborah Turner

      I guess the question is, do you want to blend in and if so, why? Everyone one of us has occasion to embrace who we are and love ourselves, this means occasionally standing out from the crowd and not blending in. It is a more a question of how you feel than actually how others react. They are very unlikely to be thinking ‘look at her’ just because you are wearing a colour. They are more likely to be thinking, wow she looks great I have never noticed her before. When you see others wearing colour do you think that they are screaming ‘look at me’ ?

  • Jessica Aiduk

    i didn’t know all this about black! I love the idea of colors being more empowering and making you stand out in a crowd. I have a problem with sweaty armpits (thanks Dad for those genes) and tend to default to black when I’m going to be in a stressful/public setting. Any recommendations for me?

  • Deborah Turner

    It is facscinating when you do take notice of how black can affect your complexion. If I was you I would embrace colour and deal with the sweaty armpits separately! have you tried Driclor? I recommend this to many clients who suffer with this issue and they have found it really works. I have a couple of other clients who have had botox to cure this sweaty armpits issue too.