Your Style Journey


Your style journey must start with knowing your style personality. Looking great must start with being confident with your look, which means being comfortable and relaxed in your clothes.

Trying to imitate others’ style or their look will leave you feeling dissatified because it will not be a true reflection of you. You have to get to know yourself and what you like and what you feel comfortable in.

So, start your style journey!

Start by thinking about the types of colours that you like.

Do you like muted colours or brighter shades

Do you wear lots of different colours or do you stick to just 2 or 3?

There is no right or wrong, but know what works for you and what makes you feel good.

We all have positive and negative associations with the colour of clothing. You may have loved school and therefore still love the colour of your old school uniform if you wore worn. If you had a bad experience at school you may dislike the colour you used to have to wear. Your mum may have forced you to wear certain colours and so now as an adult you avoid those colours as an outward display of your independence. Choose colours that make you feel good.

Secondly do you like plain fabrics or patterns?

There is no point embracing the latest tend for florals or tribal prints if you know that you only really like wearing plain colours.

Think about detailing too, do you like frills and bows and embellishments and lots of detailing or do you prefer simple fuss free garments?

Do you like to wash and go or do you spend hours getting ready doing hair, makeup and planning your look?

Do you like wearing heels or flats?


What is more important to you, comfort or being on trend?

Do you like structured tailored pieces or prefer relaxed softer looks?

Do you like fitted styles or looser and draped styles?

Do you like wearing accessories or prefer a stripped down look?


Once you start to ask yourself these questions a picture will start to form in your mind of the type of style personality you are.

You can then start your style journey by really getting to know and your embracing your own individual style personality. Remember, it’s all about YOU!