Think you have a wardrobe dilemma?




For most people their wardrobe dilemma is about what to wear for which occasion.

I was lucky enough to interview the lovely Rosie Slosek from One Man Band Accounting

about her wardrobe dilemma which interestingly, turned out to be very different from most.

Rosie describes herself as lover of cake, good chocolate, and the great outdoors. When you meet her, the energy she has all those things and for life itself is clearly evident, not just in part the fact she has the most amazing Cake earrings and ring!








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She is by no means your run of the mill accountant, one look at her home page of her website where she is showcasing a tempting bottle and red and delicious brownies says it all.

This should give you an indication of the unique and delightful style of Ms Rosie Slosek. However what then became fascinating during the interview is how she manages to look so good and so ‘on brand’ with the wardrobe constraints presented to her by her one bed flat.


For hanging space, she is restricted to just 4 items plus a hook over the door for a few items although this then introduces the added problem of clothes moths. These pesky pests have already claimed a number of Rosie’s mohair items and a gorgeous Burberry scarf. Yes of course having identified the problem, breathable garment bags are a solution but they add additional bulk to her already restricted storage. There is a chest of drawers and some storage under the bed but in every respect it is limited.


My_wardrobe__also_known_as_behind_the_living_room_door._Your_Image_Consultancy_is_interviewing_me_about_the_challenges_of_clothes_storage_in_LondonThe single cupboard for clothing within the flat houses coats and larger items but since it takes 20 mins to un-stack the other non-clothing items at the front of the cupboard this storage is reserved for those one off items work annually for a ball, wedding or fancy dress party!

I think given the fact that the one bed flat is home and office to two businesses,  I think Rosie does an amazing job of coordinating a capsule wardrobe for her personal brand – black linen trousers, knitwear with some amazing jewellery are the essential staples.

Of course it means being extremely organised when storage is at a premium and this is where the expert accountancy traits of the cake lover comes to the fore with things hung in a particular order based on up and coming events and commitments.



Most_of_my_clothes_storage_space._Pic_to_illustrate_my_being_interviewed_by__yourimage_about_the_challenges_of_space_shortageOther dressing standards which Rosie adheres to which just compound my wonderment at her skills to look so ‘together’ are ; NO IRONING except for very special occasions and NO DRY CLEANING.

So for most of us it might be date of pay day, the weather, the season  or an occasion at the weekend which drives our shopping habits, but for Rosie it is these wardrobe rules and the space available to hang and store clothes, that dictates her shopping habits. Hats off to her! But don’t take it off – there is no where to store it!