Confused by dress codes?


Worried about what to wear to your red carpet occasion?

What is too overdressed or too underdressed for these occasions?

These days, pretty much anything goes. However how often do you have an excuse to put on a posh frock?

You can wear a smart dress for many occasions but party frock occasions can be few so I would embrace the chance to get really dressed up and wear something you wouldn’t normally wear on a regular night out.

It really is though so much more about how you wear your outfit. Wear it with confidence and you will look and feel incredible, receive genuine compliments and have an awesome evening.

Choose the right dress for you, your shape, your personality, your occasion and what makes you feel good.

However if you are still confused here is a quick guide to what’s what.

A cocktail dress is normally for cocktail parties and semi-formal or black tie do’s.

We generally take a cocktail dress to be knee length but traditionally it was long and ankle skimming. We tend to refer to the lbd as a cocktail dress.

10854495_10152951190486468_7494136098912433115_oChristian Dior was the first to use the term “cocktail dress” to refer to early evening wear, in the late 1940s

Length these days is more about personal choice than dictated by dress code.

Tea length is about 5cm above the ankle and ballerina length, often preferred length of bridesmaid dresses, is just above the ankle.

Most flattering lengths to lengthen legs is knee length of full length.

Tea length can cut the leg at a wide point and therefore not create the most flattering silhouette but it does depend on individual proportions and dress style. Asymmetric hems are a good way to avoid this.

Ball gowns tend to be fuller skirted again historically to accommodate dancing.

Evening gowns are most often full length too but may still be figure hugging or straight cut, most usually these days with some embellishment.

What great about the choices we have now are that you can always create drama and occasion with accessories be it jewellery or shoes and bags.

Trophy pieces can take dresses to dramatic, quickly and cost effectively if that is a consideration.

Worry less about the dress code and think more about what makes you feel wonderful. And most ideal enjoy your evening!