The 5 best things about having a dress made.


Some people think that having a dress made is very expensive and way beyond their budget. In fact it is an affordable essential.

The point is, that you actually get to design the dress for your budget. Fabric can be as cheap or as expensive as you want it to be, from choosing a polyester mix to the most expensive silks. You can purchase a pattern for under £10 and ask a dressmaker to work from that or you can ask them to produce a design specifically for you.

Silk bridal gown by Jacqueline Browne Bespoke Bridal

The 5 best things about having a dress made:

1. You get to choose the fabric.

Do you need draped fabric to skim over curves or do you need structured fabric to reflect straighter body lines? The right fabric can make all the difference to fit and comfort. You get the choose when you have a dress made and even better still if you have curves down below and straighter shoulders or indeed slim legs narrow hips yet fuller bust, you can use different fabrics, which work better over different shapes, to reflect your specific  individual body lines.

sally roni2. You get to tailor the size

Are you one size on your top half and another size on your bottom half? If you have dress made you get to dictate the size of every part of your dress. If you are a 16 on the top but a size 12 below as many “apple” shaped ladies can be, you get to have address that can be tailored to accommodate both sizes. You may have slightly longer arms than average size 12 figure or slightly longer torso. All these characteristics can be accommodated if you have  a bespoke dress made.

Perfect fit by Livvy Roni Designs


red-dress3. You get to choose the colour

If you have a particular colour in mind either because you love it, know you look good in it or want it to tie into a particular theme, maybe for a wedding or special occasion, then buying your fabric will mean you can have exactly the colour and shade you really want. By having a dress made you can choose the colour or colours, the shade, tint, and pattern that you want, even selecting samples in advance to colour match exactly if required.

Red Dress by Mary Valentine Design


Waist Cincher Style4. It will fit you like a glove

There will be no need to have the length altered, the arm length shortened, a tuck made, the waist taken in or a dart added. Every measurement is taken in advance so that when the dress is made it incorporates every aspect of your shape, height and scale. It saves buying a garment off the peg then paying a seamstress to alter it for you.

Silk Dress designed and made by Jacqueline Browne Bespoke Bridal

5. It is unique

The very best thing about having a dress made is that no one will ever have the same dress. You get to design and choose everything about it from the shape, style, fabric, colour, pattern, detailing, fastenings, and length. You never have to compromise.

If you do want to have a dress made, specifically for you why not try Laura Amy Designs, Mary Valentine Design, Jacqueline Browne Bespoke Bridal or Livvy Roni Designs and be the best that you can be.