I want what she was wearing.


I often receive requests from clients to please find them a dress or outfit similar to one they have seen a celebrity or VIP wearing.

Of course proviso is that it needs to be within a regular budget not that belonging to a multi-millionaire.

One of the advantages about 21st Century fashion is that is now literally is truly fast.

From literally days of designers showcasing their latest collection on catwalks, there are copy versions available on the high street.

Whilst sourcing an affordable version of an outfit as seen on someone else, is possible, it may not always be a perfect match and let’s face it usually that is a good thing. You always want to show some of your own personality and your own individuality.

Fashion magazines and TV and social media are brilliant for getting ideas and inspiration for what to wear but it is always great to put your own mark on it. Dress it up or dress it down, creating your own unique look is always the best option.

If time is on your side and you have fallen in love with a particular piece then you can think about having an outfit made for you by a dressmaker/tailor instead of trying to source a lookalike.  I saw Paloma Faith interviewed on Jonathan Ross last year and loved her outfit.

I want what she was wearingI decided I would like something similar made and so commissioned outfit. By the time we had chatted and looked at what would look best for me the outfit was similar but more in keeping with my brand and my bodyshape.

Having an outfit made may not always be the cheapest option when you think of fast fashion but it can often yield the best results.

But of those occasions when you see a dress in the media and you want a quick copy try some of these sites: www.asos.com www.jdwilliams.com www.rosewe.com www.wanthattrend.com www.theoutnet.com

And if you want any other help finding the perfect dress, send me an email, you@youimageconsultancy.co.uk