Going back to work after having a baby – What to wear?

Going back to work what to wear

Thinking of returning to work?
Is the thought of going back to work after having a baby daunting?
Is one of the things that is troubling you, what you should wear?

Before your break from work, be that for having a family or to look after a relative, you probably had a set routine for what you would wear each day. You knew what was appropriate for each and every work situation.

What to wear to work was probably not something you used to worry about.

However, returning to work after time away from the workplace can be unnerving. A major concern is what to wear and I hope this blog helps to ease your worries.

One problem you may be struggling with is that your shape may have changed. So the styles and cuts that you knew looked good previously, may no longer fit you in the same way. Flattering your new shape may be confusing when it come to your return to work

Having not had to dress for work for some time you may be very used to dressing your new shape for more relaxed and social environments but, it may be confusing thinking what will look and feel good for work.

You may have been away from the work environment for more than a year or so and thus even if your previous work wardrobe does still fit you, what you were wearing may now appear outdated and a bit tired. Going back to work wearing what you previously wore can sometimes feel like taking a step backwards.

The world is changing at such a fast pace now it may seem difficult to keep up and knowing what to wear for the here and now is no exception. Even going back to the same office and same location will not guarantee everything will be the same. There could have been changes to their dress code and their policies for appropriate clothing. They may have had a company rebrand or may have adjusted their client base. Understanding any changes to the company that may have taken place while you have been away, will make you feel more confident when choosing what to wear.

Additionally, you may now need to be more flexible with what you wear. If you are returning to work but your lifestyle is different prior to your work break you may now have multiple activities. For which your clothing for the day needs to accommodate. E.G. dropping and picking up children, attending activities en-route to and from work, visiting family and alternative residences.

You may now not have as long in the mornings to devote to getting yourself dressed, and groomed ready for work. Your routine may be altered and as such you may need to be more organised. Plan your wardrobe accordingly.

You may need to be more aware of laundry care for your clothes. If there is the chance that your work wear could get dirty more often you may need to consider less dry cleanable items. More fabrics that can be easily cleaned and looked after.

All these possible changes to your work life, will alter what you wear and when and how you wear it.

The best advice for planning your wardrobe to reduce time and stress. Is to adopt a capsule wardrobe approach for your work wear.