Personal Shopper Film – Kirsten Stewart

Personal Shopper - Kirsten Stewart

With the launch of Kirsten Stewart’s new film Personal Shopper I thought it would be timely to write about being a Personal Shopper and how having one can make your shopping experiences much easier.

Lots of people say they hate shopping for clothes. When I ask them why they hate it the answer is almost always the same:

  • They get overwhelmed by the amount of choice
  • They do not know what suits them and so do not know even which shops to go into and which to avoid
  • They hate trying things on in the cramped changing rooms
  • They would rather spend the time doing something else they enjoy more.

I love shopping for others and I love taking the resistant shopper shopping!

Being a Personal Shopper is extremely rewarding and even the most reluctant shoppers often admit to having fun after we have spent the day immersed in clothes!

However, it is essential not to just dive straight in. As with most things in life, it is all in the planning! With my clients, we have generally already created a detailed shopping list. We will have reviewed their wardrobe, what works, what doesn’t, where the gaps are, what colours styles fabrics and cuts suit their shape, their lifestyle and their personality and so have created a list based on their individual needs and requirements.
If you are going it alone, what you should consider is:

  • Firstly, why are you going shopping?
  • Is it for a specific event?
  • Is it because nothing in your wardrobe fits you?
  • Is it because everything in your wardrobe is worn out?
  • Is it because you are starting a new job or a new phase in your life that requires a different set of clothes?
  • Or is just because you want to treat yourself?

All acceptable and excellent reasons for shopping trips but it is very easy to get carried away once you get to the shops if you have planned ahead, so I would recommend making a list of the items that you need to purchase and then very importantly, stick to the list!

  • Have an idea of how much you want to spend on each item?
  • Do you know the colour and styles and fabrics that suit you?
  • Think about which shops you have enjoyed shopping in the past.
  • Shopping for fewer, better quality items should be a shopping intention
  • Only buy something if you love it and if you do love it consider buying more than one.

For Personal Shopping clients, armed with the detailed list, we always meet first for coffee, caffeine generally required for all shopping, to check we are still happy with the list and to plan our shopping route.
I love using Bluewater and Stratford Westfield for my Personal Shopping trips due to sheer range of styles and budgets that they cater for. However, London offers a different shopping experience again and it all comes down to what suits each client’s unique needs. That is the advantage of having a Personal Shopper who will work with you to fully understand your individual shape and size and budget and so can recommend the best locations and retailers for your own personal needs.
Once we have reviewed the list and mapped our route the shopping adventure begins. I adopt different strategies depending on the client. For some, they love just making themselves comfortable in the changing room (some stores have lovely dedicated personal shopping changing rooms which I can pre-book and which are very comfortable, equipped with bottled water and plenty of room and seating) whilst I select a range of items in store and the deliver them to the changing room.
Other clients enjoy accompanying me around the store, getting an idea of which items I am selecting and which I am avoiding and sometimes selecting items themselves that they know fit the list criteria.

We always try on a few things that clients would not have tried previously, we always try shops that clients may never have been in and I always encourage clients to be open minded when trying new items. Trying doesn’t not mean buying although it does often lead to it.

The advantage of the Personal Shopper is that we dive in and out of the changing area, swapping sizes and colours and accessories and underwear if necessary, to complete the look. It takes the hard work out of shopping for you, letting someone do the running and the selecting.
Once purchases are made you have a readymade bag carrier with you too, saving you being weighed down with lots of heavy bags.

Having a Personal Shopper will avoid those impulse purchases which can be a waste of time and money. Most people have items hanging in their wardrobe that either still have the label on or just have never been worn, often impulse buys!
Alternatively, the thought of going anywhere near a shopping centre may fill you with dread but you know that you do still need some new and good quality items to ensure that you look your very best and represent yourself in the best way possible. This is where the advantage of having a Personal Shopper just do it for you can save you time money and stress. I do the shopping for you and bring it to you at work or home for you. Job done!

If you have seen the film and decide you want a Personal Shopper, I would love to hear from you. In the meantime, happy watching!