Should you change the length of your skirt for Autumn?


Read/listen/watch any fashion expert right now and the answer is yes but if you are less easily swayed, read on!

So the midi length skirt/dress is again being billed as the new ‘on trend’ hem length for autumn 2016.  All the shops have a version of it from budget styles at Primark to high-end versions as seen
on the catwalk from Gucci.

However, is being ‘on trend’ absolutely critical for your look this autumn? I suspect for many of us it isn’t top of our list. Top of the list can be anything and of course, there is nothing to say what should be top of the list. It’s YOUR list so YOU put what you want at the top of it.

For many of you I know that looking slimmer is top of the list, for others it’s looking taller or making legs look long or tummy flatter or boobs bigger/smaller. For many being warm or comfortable is paramount in their wardrobe choices and you care little what the catwalk commentaries say their hem length should be. And that’s ok!

It’s what’s important to you, what fits with your lifestyle and your style personality.

If you do fancy giving it a go here are a few pointers.

The great thing about mid length hems are that they can be easier to wear if dashing about in and out of cars and trains. There is less likelihood of flashing your underwear or worse if going commando! Longer hem lengths can also offer more protection against autumn weather.

The downside of the mid-length hem is that they can be less flattering. The hem may finish at the widest part of your lower leg which can make your legs look wider than they really are. If you proportionally have a shorter lower body than upper body they can make your legs look even shorter.

Your knees create a natural break of the upper and lower leg and thus knee length skirts are often the most flattering. However to wear mid length skirts and still create an illusion of length wear the same colour toe to waist so match the skirt, tights and shoes/ boots by colour.

Least flattering in terms of creating longer looking slimmer legs would be to wear a contrasting skirt, tights and shoes.  If you have a smaller upper body than lower body go for a darker colour skirt but if you are smaller on your lower half go for prints or lighter brighter colour skirt.

So really, it’s for you to decide what is most important for you in creating your autumn wardrobe.

I would love to know if you are giving the midi length a go. How are you wearing it? Send me your pics if you are giving it a go. Sometimes it’s refreshing just to have a change and buy something a bit different. Why not give it a try. Let me know how you get on. Email me