Do dress codes fill you with dread?


Do dress codes fill you with dread?

Is dressing for these special occasions sending you into a spin?

It is that time of year when lots for invitations are being received and events are being advertised, many asking you to wear a particular type of attire.

It sends many of us into a spin to the extent that some end up not even attending the event because they just do not know what to wear.

Who really wants to miss out on an opportunity to have a bit of fun? Don’t let dress codes put you off, invent your own and own it! Done! Really what is the worse that could happen? If they really did consider turning you away then it just isn’t the sort of event you want to spend your precious time at anyway.

The point is, most dress codes are stated as a guide. They are actually trying to assist your clothing dilemma but I know for many that isn’t the case and it just seems to make the decision about what to wear harder. But the reason for that is because you have been told one thing and are worried about not getting it quite right.

Do you always stick to the rules in other areas of life and business though? If you apply common sense and common courtesy you can’t really get a dress code ‘wrong’.

It’s not so much what the code is saying it is more what it isn’t stating. Often they are politely saying please do not arrive looking as if you have put in no effort and wearing something you may use to dig the garden in.

Things to consider when making your final decision

Why are you attending?

Do you love admire respect this person/ organisation?

Do want to impress?

Do you want to particularly conform to strict etiquette for this specific event/invitee?

This may be different for each invitation you receive but if you know your reason for wanting to attend then you know how you want to feel and how you want to be perceived. It puts you in control.

If you want to stand out in sea of strict dress code, then try and add some of your unique personality.

Dress codes are really just ‘guidelines’ so don’t give yourself lines worrying about it all too much.

The point is to dress for you, your shape and your personality and to be appropriate.

Most importantly, have fun!