Ten Top Tips to be Party Perfect this Festive season

  1. Create the canvas with good fitting, good quality underwear. Outfits can look more expensive, fit better and be more comfortable with the correct underwear to support them.  Even a simple slip can make softer fabrics skim your shape and look well cut. For the party season probably best to keep the underwear, completely …..under.
  2. Don’t make the mistake of ditching everything you know about your own body shape for the sake of an eye catching party dress. It may be eye catching on the hanger but may not be quite so eye catching on you. You know what works for you both style and fabric wise so use that as the foundation for choosing the perfect party piece.
  3. If it is a work party and you are a little unsure of the exact dress code, keep it classic. Trying to match the latest trends or fit in with the in crowd could lead to you standing out for all the wrong reasons and leave you feeling uncomfortable all night. If you want to show some of your own style personality without making a huge entrance, go for statement shoes or bag.
  4. Pick the right size dress for you at this moment in time. Too small and it will look like there are body parts fighting to get out and too big and it will look like you have a sack race not a party to attend. Most people have at least 3 different dress sizes within their wardrobe, do not be put off by the size label and be led by the fit.
  5. Accentuate your best bits. If legs are your strong point, then choose a dress that shows them off. If you are more confident of your cleavage than your curves, opt for something with a more plunging neckline. We can all find parts we want to hide, but equally make sure you enhance your assets!
  6. Accessories can be a great way to add glamour to your outfit. Choose pieces that compliment your look, not over power it. It is a case of balancing your bling! If you love oversize statement pieces, just upscale one item. Shoes and bags can literally bring at outfit together if chosen correctly.
  7. It doesn’t always have to be black. Yes the choice in black in most shops is greater than for colour but as a result it is everyone’s default option. Adding colour or pattern can make you more noticeable and make you feel special. Wearing the same dark colour top to toe can be as slimming as wearing black. Pattern can be used to disguise problem areas you do not want to draw attention to and embellishment can highlight the areas you do like.
  8. If dresses are not your thing you can still do ‘party’. Feminine tux style trouser suits or sparkling separates are more popular than ever and if you follow the same principles for creating your party ensemble you will look elegant, attractive and ready to party.
  9. Hair and makeup can be equally powerful ways to create a festive look. Hair up and hair jewels, sparkle eye shadows, glitzy nails  or luxurious lipsticks can all make the statement for you if you want to keep the outfit simple.
  10. Last but not least, wear something YOU feel great in. If you feel good it will come across immediately. Your appearance will affect how you feel within, look great feel great, party time!




Party Perfect

Party Perfect by youimageconsultancy featuring a black jacket