Top tips for looking great for your Valentine’s date


Trouble deciding what to wear for your hot date on Valentines on Fri evening?


Are thinking how are you achieve sexy and seductive?


Easiest way is keep it simple.


Heels are a must if you can wear them.


Keep detail and accessories to a minimum.


Dressing for a date has a different focus that dressing for a night out with your friends or other couples.




What message are you going for?

Playful and romantic or sexy & seductive?

Both require different looks and be sure you can pull them off.


It starts with inner confidence as always. If you are uncomfortable and fidget all evening you will not pull any Valentines look off and he will not be giving you the look of look of love!


So make sure whatever you choose you feel good first. Feel good and you will look good, ooze confidence.


makeup impact photo (shon)Remember too, if it is a dinner date that all the communication is face to face, eye contact. So you may be worrying if your bottom looks big or which shape underwear to go for if wearing underwear at all….. but actually while he is staring into your eyes, that is all he focusing on, well the eyes and maybe some cleavage if it happened to be on show?!



Lucy Lu 7 copySo maybe spend a little more time on your hair and makeup, the perfect pout can always say sexy & seductive!


Most of all, smile and have fun, let your inner beauty shine through, be confident, be yourself, be the best you.