Top Tips for What to Wear to a Wedding


Wedding season is upon us! If you are Mother of the Bride, Mother of the Groom or a guest at wedding this summer, here are some top tips to looking great. 

This season’s colour palette for Spring/Summer weddings are very much pastel based but pastel with a true colour hue to them; think coral, candy pink, orchid, violet, dusk blue. Black and white as ever is popular but sometimes the monochrome look can be regarded as a little stark in a sea of pastels and floral at a wedding.


It’s your worst nightmare to turn up to an event and find someone else is there in the very same outfit, but this can happen easily when there’s only so many ‘occasion’ outfits in the high street shops.  To avoid a total mirror image of outfits, personalise yours; be it with well-chosen accessories, a funky hat/head piece or shoes professionally dyed to pick out just one shade or by adding some embellishment to your outfit. All department or hobby stores have a few fine detailing elements – maybe take the sleeves up a little, add a different button/fastening or some extra trim.


A great tip for modern weddings to ensure the dreaded repeat outfit does not occur is to ask the wedding party to create a Facebook group for the wedding so that everyone must post  details of their outfit once they buy it so that no one doubles up.


But if the inevitable happens and you find yourself staring at your dress on another guest, just completely embrace it – get a photo together and have a joke. It is all about confidence and basically you have both had the excellent taste to choose it and if you feel confident you will look amazing.


There is some etiquette around hats and head wear but this is mostly tradition and not particularly adhered to any more but if you are a stickler for details: Decorate hats on right side

  • Mother of the bride hat should be bigger hat than Mother of the groom
  • Men should take off their top hat take off when talking to lady… yes really!
  • Mums the word when comes to removal of hats, once Mother of the bride takes hers off the everyone can follow but not until then.


It can actually be very stressful for mothers of the bride or groom and wedding guests in finding an outfit to wear. Remember it is all about your own comfort and your style personality. There is no point being trussed up for the day and then adjusting, pulling down and fidgeting, that looks terrible and you end up not enjoying your day.


Some popular styles for 2014 wedding guest attire have been the divided detail dresses where the top and the bottom of the dress have been different. These dresses are in fact often great for helping ladies with figure issues, so opt for the brightest colour or the patterned part of the dress where you do mind drawing attention to and keep plain fabrics for any problem areas. The other popular looks for 2014 are lace and floral and the staple bolero jackets.


Other top tips are:

  • heel protectors if the venue includes lawns and soft ground
  • carry a needle and cotton,
  • waterproof mascara and
  • a packet of tissues!




Top Tips for Mother of the bride/groom & Wedding Guest

Ted Baker mini dress

Evening dress
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Poem lace dress

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