What will you be wearing?


This week sees the end of the the recent round of Fashion Week- Milan, New York, London and Paris. All the fashion magazines have been full of images and reports of designers, trends and models. Even our national newspapers run stories about the Fashion Industry’s biggest annual event. If you are not involved in the fashion industry, are you taking much notice of what is happening on the catwalk?

Buying and wearing clothes is a passion for many of us but for others it is just a practicality of everyday life. Even for those of us that love buying clothes, are you closely following the Fashion Week reviews? I suspect not.  For me it is a good excuse to immerse myself in all things fashion and start to think about which clients will love which new trend. To be honest, most of you may be relieved to see that the ready to wear 2014 isn’t too far removed from 2013, with crop tops and sheer paneling remaining, the return of the white wide leg trousers, prints are going more graphic and there will be an even bigger focus on embellishment. Even though designers are showcasing on the catwalks what YOU will be wearing in Summer 2014, I guess most of you are just not that interested yet. Summer 2014 seems like as age away, especially since temperatures are slowly dropping and the jumpers and boots are coming out of the wardrobe. Difficult to get excited about what to wear next summer when we have a whole winter to get through. Yet despite the majority of consumers’ general apathy about Fashion Week, the media do their very best to get you just a little excited. I suspect however they have failed or am I wrong? Are you already planning your 2014 Spring wardrobe? I would love to know?