Winter Accessories


Have now completely dug out the full winter wardrobe, coats, hats gloves, boots, snoods, ear muffs! I am so glad that winter accessories are now cool, stylish and ‘ok’ to wear. In fact accessories are now so stylish that some people wear them all year round, regardless of any weather conditions.


However this has not always been the case, purposeful accessories have seen a huge rise in the style stakes and for that, come winter I am truly thankful.


I remember when I was growing up, hats and gloves and wellington boots (to give then their full correct originated name – as they were then referred to… back in the day…!) were certainly not regarded as cool outerwear. Silly thing was, standing at a bus stop in inches of snow with a wind blowing that would worry Michael Fish, waiting for a bus to take you to school that was going to be delayed for at least half the day, a hat and wellies would have been the most sensible option or so our mothers told us. At the time though, the thought of just walking to the bus stop in a woolly hat filled me with dread leave alone getting onto the bus to a cheer of sarcasm about its lack of style. The minute we were out of the door , hats came off, stuffed into school bags and wellies were hidden in a good old carrier bag (the type you can’t get anymore, it’s difficult to conceal anything in today’s supermarket bags!) to be replaced with inappropriate shoewear for the slippery conditions.


Now, fashionistas wear ‘hunters’ in the summer…. in London….. indoors! Men wear beanies as the uncool woolly hat has now become known, all year round, again, even indoors.


So although winter has now really arrived it is an opportunity to embrace the warm and cosy. There si so much choice in terms of colour, fabric, design, price that there really is something for everything and the best news of all is we can warm and still look good.

Winter warm accessories

Hunter two-tone boots
£120 –

£68 –

Hobbs scarve

Linea hat